Moving Tips

Preparation is the key to a successful move. By having everything ready prior to the movers arriving, you will save time, which means money. Providing more information for your movers will prevent the additional charges you might incur for not providing the correct information. Here are some important points to remember:

Have detailed knowledge of your neighborhood or apartment building and the quickest route there.

Check at both residences for availability of parking. Keep in mind that trailers or trucks are very tall in height and normally cannot get under parking shelters or carports, in parking ramps, under low-hanging trees or into low-ceilinged buildings. Parking a considerable distance from your door will necessitate a time-consuming shuttle or long carry, which could add to your move time.

If movers have to use an elevator for a multi-floor apartment move, please make sure the elevator is large enough to fit your largest pieces of furniture. Arrange to get a special key to hold the elevator for the duration of the move if possible. This will save time and it eliminates the wait as residents use the elevator.

It is highly recommended to have all leases/paperwork done and in order, and to have keys in possession, so that you are ready to be moved in without delay. Remember, movers have a schedule to keep, possibly another move to perform after yours. Again, being organized and ready is the key to an efficient move.

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